“Welcome to our new website – aimed to be interactive for alumni, donors, recruits, family members and supporters.

You can find many ways to look more deeply into different aspects of our program through the navigation bars up top; find more info on our Coaches and Captains, and look into blog posts, photos, and videos. There is also a Recruit Form tab that lets prospective Future Defenders submit their info straight to our coaches. And as you can see, our social media is instantly updated right as we post about our school, players, and program.

Out Program Vision is to the the Industry Standard College Football Program at our level. We do this by seeking to Honor God in everything we do, Build Men who choose commitment over comfort and who reject passivity, Compete Fiercely in any opportunity, and having Significant Kingdom Impact in our community.  Hopefully this resource aids in the effort of achieving this vision.

See you in the Fall!”


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